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New Draw :O

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Hi people! Long time without posting or visint the forum hehe
Well, I wasnt drawing so much as I had some problems, but I founded this image and... well, I just draw it :p
Its not perfect, not even super-realistic (Look that hands! XD), but I like it.

My next idea/achievement it would be erasing the outiling from my draws, if you have any suggestion to make it easier... Its like, continue doing the outlinening but in a very soft way, so then when i shade they just dissappear?

Also, I have a big trouble, how can I draw from my mind? I mean, I always need to copy an image, or what i'm seeing, and I want to be able to draw something I imagine, maybe someone I remember, or a simple chair, but i always start drawing and throwing the paper 'cuz the draw hasn't any form, nothing xD

Glad to be here again, see you later!


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Nice work!!!
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