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New draw! Answer please!

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So, I have been drawing this afternoon. I did use a photo reference, but I did not want it to draw it very realistic, that wasn't my goal, I just wanted to recreate an scene.

Now, I have an important question. Answer truthfully.

Nose Eyebrow Eye Neck Jaw

What do you think he is thinking/feeling? When you look at him, are you able to perceive something?

I need you people to be honest here :vs_closedeyes:

PS: Will try to get more contrast on it, It's like I'm afraid of getting it too dark ruining it, I'm sure that will get it to another level.
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He is thinking............of buying a new game..(lol)'s like...something just needs a quick pause with life or society..rethink everything or maybe trying to push himself to think some positive ways...just be normal again...
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