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What's up folks?

I'm bringing you my last drawing :3
It's a 2nd version for something I've done before, if you are interested on it, it's here

Now, I like this one muuuuuch more. I must say I'm proud of it, I did use a reference for the outlines but the shadowing it's done from my mind.

Here it is :vs_blush:

Jaw Gesture Art Chest Stomach

I don't know why the arms looks so white, they are brighter than the legs but in the pic they seem like if I didn't do anything >.< it may be the scanner :p
Here is another one with a contrast touch made in the PC, that's how the arms really look life >.< I Should make a mix between them so I would have the correct body and the right arms :p


I'm making the same question as before. I want you to answer sincerely.

What do you think he is thinking/feeling? When you look at him, are you able to perceive something?

Any critique will be good recieved ^_^ Don't be afraid of pointing out mistakes, I like it but I know it has a lot :laugh:

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The shading makes the picture come alive. This is a big step forward from the first one FanKi.

His eyes are very expressive, also his body language. In this one he comes across to me as angry and closing himself in from the outside world. It's so good. It is not easy to convey an emotion and you did it well.
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