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You are invited to the exciting world of Phantasy is a freelancing site made fun. Its likeness could be that of or maybe except with a bit more social added like Facebook or Twitter! It's for more than just artist but anyone who is a freelancer! We are so very glad to have finally finished this site and for those who join. Who are we kidding we are freakin’ thrilled! There are so many things to do we literally cannot put it all on this page right now! But here is just a small few of our features! Fun activities to participate in: Free Giveaways, Raffles, Auctions, Fundraising Platform, A nice community, Forums, Ranks, Quest, Badges, Contest. Messaging, Commissions, Stories, Comics, Tv, Tutorials and more…So come on in and have a good time! We hope to see you and your friends here!

The Phantasy Team
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