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Hello all.
I just stumbled across this little nook of the internet and thought it would be nice to stop by and stay a little while.
I'm a Canadian artist but haven't been able to draw consistently for a few years. So I'm attempting once more to get back into it.
I mostly do digital art, but I've found my pencil and paper drawings lacking due to not practicing it. So I'm working on going back to basics and building up. Also want to get into sculpting and painting at some point as well.
I've recently signed up for some online art courses and hope to start making some progress soon. I also look forward to learning all kinds of things from all you lovely people here as well.

And in any case you're curious on my art, here are a few examples. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a lovely day/night/afternoon, whatever it is for you :)
Cartoon Cat Felidae Carnivore Art
Cartoon Sleeve Gesture Thigh Finger
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