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Need some advice

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I have been drawing all my life and a few years ago started painting. I started off with acrylics and recently tried oil paints. This is the first painting I did with oil paints . It's a still life of dead flowers. How can I improve my still life paintings ? any tips or advice ? I do not get defensive so please say whatever is on your mind. Thank you .


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Thank you Bush for the welcome and the feedback :) Lighting has shown to be my problem area and i will work on that . I am new to painting and have been researching and learning every area possible so any advice is great. Thanks again for taking time out to reply :)
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Thank you :) Yeah see I want to add shadow and then I think somehow it will take away from the realistic look . I try too hard to exact the image . I need to let go of the fear of messing up to learn lol. Exactly BB I am great at black n white shade but color shading is a different world to learn . Yeah water colors are harder than any I have used yet . I tried water color once and said 'nope , not for me ' Lol. Oil paints are good for me I like the texture and how it blends. You should try some time to use oils ,I'm glad I did.
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