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Need some advice

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I have been drawing all my life and a few years ago started painting. I started off with acrylics and recently tried oil paints. This is the first painting I did with oil paints . It's a still life of dead flowers. How can I improve my still life paintings ? any tips or advice ? I do not get defensive so please say whatever is on your mind. Thank you .


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LOL, I'm in the same boat as you, I've been drawing with ink since the 70's, and just took up watercolors a couple of months ago. It's bizarre for me to think in terms of color when shadowing. Shadow = black. NOT!

I'm hoping to end up doing oils at some point, but will probably need to come up with a place to work them besides my carpeted home office. I'm thinking I can be an oil painter in the garage when the weather allows for it.

In my case, not only am I struggling with the concept of color, but also with the feline nature of watercolor itself. Damned stuff does what it wants, and you'd best just follow along!
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