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Need help

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Hi , I am a beginner and just stated to paint with watercolor as an hobby . I love the effect of having the edges of the paint defined ( hard edges ) I noticed on this painting beautiful fades with dark defined borders . Is it a paint ? Or paper? Or special technique ? I tried to achieve this effect when I paint with my paint (Qor ) and beginners paper and it's not coming out this way :(( I was hopping someone can give me some incite . I would be really grateful.

Thank you

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thats an easy technique to achieve. but a bugger to explain. so i'll give it a go, as no one else has yet.
try puting clean water on the area of dry paper to be painted, then drop a fairly heavy tint into that water, it should run out to the wet edge. if youve to much colour, remove the surplus with a dry brush and fade out to the paler edges. alternative would be to paint the strong edge first, and with a wet brush and befor it thinks of drying drag a tint to the other areas. its a sort of hit and miss effect that can be achieved in different ways by different people. i hope that helps
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