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Mystery sketchbook (my holy grail)

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Years and years ago I was in hobby lobby browsing the sketchbooks. I was a teenager and I didn't have any money.
I found one sketchbook in particular I fell in love with. It was an average size sketchbook and otherwise indistinguishable from the rest except on the back of each page was something akin to a dungeons and dragons style detail page with places for the name of the character on previous page, detail section, story section and other spaces for details. By the time I had money to purchase it, they no longer carried it and I couldn't remember the name or even what the cover looked like. I could only remember the unique pages.
Does this sound familiar to anyone?
If so do you know where I can acquire one?
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I don't know what kind of sketchbook you are talking about. You can read this article, hope you find your favorite sketchbook soon.
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