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Hi everybody! I've just registered.
I've always been fond of art, in effect I work for 2 Italian art publishing houses but was looking for some international forum in order to get a sense of what people like and think about art outside my country (Italy).
Working in international sphere helped me to understand what trends people like, but what I really need is talking personally to people.
So I'd like to tell you my recent experience in New York. I've been there because invited to an important opening, had one week at my disposal so decided to take advantage of my journey as much as possible.
The first exhibition I saw was in the Nicholas Roerich Museum, extremely interesting if you're interested in his studies and travels, apart of course his striking paintings, for tose whom may be interested here's the link to the website:
The day after I took part in the opening I was invited to, dedicated to an important contemporary Italian artist: Antonio Nunziante. I already knew him since I curated 2 catalogues for him. As I love visionary art (Roerich is an evidence...) Nunziante was amazing for me, take a look at his website and tell me what you think!
Finally I dedicated the next days to Chelsea, before leaving I read about the last works by Jeff Koons at Gagosian Gallery, have been a bit disappointed, probably because that's not the kind of art I like, nowadays galleries are full of plottings, anyway, here's the link of this last exhibit:
On the other hand I appreciated Anselm Kiefer, that's not exactly my style but wasn't bad:
This was my experience in New York, a very thrilling city for art lovers! :D
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