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Hello. :) Ennglish is not the Best...however..i try my Best. :D
I'm new in this Forum and i don't have seen the right Place for Beginners to say "Hello".

So i use this Place...also, because i work with Pencils..ähm..ok...also Here I do / try my best One. ^^

I hope, You can read my "English" and Here i show You a Portrait...Yesterday i have begun with It.

It's a Lady from Google Picture..i don't know, Who she is...but I like the Photo., therefore, I want to draw It.

Here It is: (I hope, You enjoy)

The Next show You a Car...a nice Car. :) The Spiderman behind this Pic i've paint with Acrylic Colors and a 0,1 mm Round Brush on a PS3.

I hope, You enjoy. :)

The Third maybe You know, who It shows.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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