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Hi! I'm new to this community and excited to have become a part of it.
I am a musician 24/7 and a painting-artist in my sparetime.

I have been working with my project >>Prodcrastination<< for quite some time, working the ladder in the underground scene. I haven't got a logo yet, I only have ideas. My music is inspired by colourful artists like Röyksopp, Shpongle, Younger Brother, Ratatat, Chrome sparks.. To listen, please visit:

What I need:
- A young talent with a creative mind and not so much to do in his/her sparetime.
- Someone who is good with photoshop or digital drawing.
- Someone who is willing to work for free, for the sake of the collaboration. (OFC your tag can be in the pic). Think of the free advertisement you get as a come up- artist.

Please write me if you're up for it:) I have some great ideas!!

This is no biggie for someone who can create simple patterns in, say, PS.

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