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Multiple Mediums To Express Your Creativity?

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I realize that everyone has different mediums that they use to express their creativity. :smile:

Some folks are painters, some folks sculpt, while others may sketch or photograph the world around them.

What I am curious about is if you use MORE THAN ONE medium to explore art?

If you predominately paint, have you also tried sketching?

Does your artist creativity carry over into other things, such as writing or music?

For me, I see art everywhere. I could happen to see an outdoor water faucet and my mind start creating art. When I am "people watching" my brain starts writing. I see a story in everything...
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Hmm I do not consider my self very creative. But I should say I express my self diary with jokes >.<
I'm that kind of guy that always can make a joke, even if it's a sad situation, and you will laugh cuz... don't know, people (incluiding me) just laugh >.<
It's pretty hard to do it in the forum, as my brain doesn't work in the same way when I'm talking (or writing) english. It's not the same :p

Should say I also write... stuff, don't know how to call that kind of texts :p
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