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Background: My mom purchased this painting I believe early 1970 from the JM McDonalds department store.
her story was she worked their and they received 10 Paintings, she had wanted it so bad they she made payments on it once a week for 12 weeks. right before paying it off the painters manager came to the store to try to take the paintings back as the artist had died (suicided I believe) He tried to take my moms and she said she would not sell it to him as she loved it and paid $600 for it (a fortune back then) It has sat above our piano for 50 years. I tried to find out more info but its hard to find similar artwork. the name is Cannon and its on velvet but it looks life like. Any help
Picture frame Painting Art Laptop Office equipment
Brown Rectangle Wood Grass Tints and shades

would be greatly appreciated.
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