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More about me - following Terry's lead

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So Terry started it by telling us about her background and I think it's a lovely idea.

I have been drawing pretty much as long as I can remember. I was one of those children who got art supplies as Christmas and birthday gifts..every year of my life (and to this day in fact that is my gift I know I will always get). I drew a lot because I enjoyed it and also because my home life wasn't really "peachy" and I used it as an escape.

I didn't have a lot of "formal" art education in my growing up years. I drew what I saw and liked and experimented on my own. When I was in high school I took art classes and entered competitions and usually walked away doing quite well but because I was REALLY focused on competing horses my art always took a back seat. When I did draw..I drew horses but I am sure that's not a surprise. I did take a few summer art classes at the senior citizens center. My grandfather was a regular there so I was able to go to the classes and they had my artwork hanging on the walls in my own little exhibition. I even sold my first piece there.

I did do one of those "draw this figure and send it in" deals you see in the magazines and surprisingly had an actual recruiter come out and request that I bring my portfolio. We went and he looked through my portfolio and gave me all kinds of information on the school and he felt I would be a great fit. I can't remember where the school was but it was back east somewhere. We decided not to do it because of expense mainly but it felt good to be recognized for my art. My senior year my art teacher wrote a glowing recommendation for me and I got an art scholarship to ENMU.

Off to college I went and after my first year I knew I was in the wrong wrong major. I was raised on ranch with a very straight laced upbringing and going to that college with some VERY quirky art students really threw me for a loop. I felt like a fish out of water. I stuck it out for one more year before I changed majors. From that point on life took over and my art took a back seat again...for pretty much 10 years or better I did almost NOTHING artistically. I worked as a vet assistant, a data entry clerk, a legal secretary and went to school on the side. Finally got my degree in Natural Resources and spent 8 years as a park ranger. Had my kid and decided I needed to have a job with regular hours so now I work for the State. I picked up my pencil again seriously about the time I joined this group...somewhere around 2011. Now with my kid getting older and being more active in different things it is harder and harder to find time to, as you know, I draw on my lunch hours at work.

I hope to never let there be that long of a lapse with my drawing again. I think I could be farther along than I am now had I continued to draw..but there isn't anything to change just move forward..learn from others and hopefully improve with each and every drawing!

Hopefully more of our members will post little artist bios as well!
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I really enjoyed your story. I can only imagine what it was like for you -- a cowgirl among art hippies.

Life stories are the best. Hope more put up theirs.
LOL - That was eye opening. My world got turned upside down my first year of college. I distinctly remember a classmate who changed colors practically that I mean one day she was black and her hair was black and her nails were black and her clothes were black and her shoes were black..then I remember she had a silver phase and the list goes on. People just didn't do that where I grew up.
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Wow Chanda, art has been almost in your whole life, not so big surprise if I take a look to your draws, they are beautiful.
I wonder how studying arts must be, I just can't imagine what kind of things you do, studying art history and techniques I guess, but I don't know I just find it weird.

When you say 'Competing horses', you mean races?

I guess I will make a -More about me- post too, I'm not very old but if I will be here frequently, and for a good time I hope, it would be good for you to know who I am.
Yes we had various drawing classes and graphic design and art history..I had two semesters of art history..I still vividly remember those classes. I enjoyed the drawing classes but they pushed graphic design heavily and I am not a graphic design type artist.

Competing horses..I did a lot of rodeo events and I showed in actual shows..did western classes and English classes. My life revolved around horses and mules when I grew up. My grandfather was instrumental in developing a breed of horse known as the pony of the Americas and my mom and uncle rode to several national and international championships. When I grew up my mom started raising mules and mammoth donkeys so I have a very rich background and was blessed with a very knowledgeable family.

I am going to go read yours now as I see you posted it! Thank you so much for contributing!
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So interesting about your families contribution to horse breeds. No wonder you love horses.
What my mom loves is that as a child she saw my grandpa (her dad) help develop the breed. She has given me so much info and I have magazines and pictures and articles from back in the day and I have the first stud book for the organization.

And my son - his first horse is a Pony of the Americas so the cycle has come full circle. :)

Here is a picture of my grandfather with one of their ponies. This was the 11th horse to be registered in the breed has come a long way since then. My grandpa was a tall man so the ponies look even smaller.

Fast forward 50/60 years or so and the grandson is riding the very same breed..and that's kinda cool.

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I have always loved POAs! (and Appaloosas) How cool, I "know" the granddaughter of the man who developed them! :)
That would be Les Boomhower! My grandpa lived up the road from him I guess and helped develop the breed along side him. Your friends parents (I think mom said he had a son but I don't remember if there were more kids or not)..probably rode with my mom and my uncle. My mom used to get so mad because she used to train the ponies but said she was too old to show in certain classes so my uncle showed and would take all the

My grandpa was Robert Wilson. Les was president from 55-57 and my grandpa was president for a year back in 1958. :)
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