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I want to upload pictures from my PC to a company that can print posters and sell internationally.
It is important that production takes place in:
1. European
2. United States
3. Australia
The more places that manufacture the better I will sell internationally but one is enough if there is not.

For this I would like to have my own domain (eg with my own website and buy-buttons.

I have seen offering the sale of posters, but you can´t have your own domain.

I wonder if anyone knows anything sensible companies that offer this affordable?

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The only caution I have been given is NOT to use a company in China for this. They sometimes have affiliate offices in other countries, e.g. those in your list, so do your research. They DO NOT respect copyright laws and giving them high-resolution digital files of your artwork is sure to be stolen. And perhaps you'll one day see someone else selling and making money off of your artwork.

When I worked in mechanical engineering, back in the early days of outsourcing, we had massive issues with our products that were manufactured in China being stolen, reverse engineered, and sold as authentic products. Sometimes we'd get crates of defective products on our shipping docks THAT WE DID NOT MAKE, but it looked almost exactly like our originals, even with our company logos on them! Property rights theft has, and continues to be, a serious problem with anything produced in China.

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