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Looking for a Artist for a Mech webcomic. I am going to start a kickstarter to get it funded I am currently looking for a artist who's name I can put on the kickstarter. I am asking for examples of past work (published or not) and if I like what I see I will be asking for a cover page that I will outline (though designing is mostly up to you) and let me know if you can or can not do color.

Once I find a artist I will be starting the kickstarter and will be offering $20 a page as payment if the comic grows and start to bring in revenue I will increase that accordingly. Will pay for the cover if the kickstarter is successful and will be paying at the completion of the issues, roughly 20-30 pages so around 400-600 an issue.

There will be a deadline after the comic starts up probably monthly or twice a month but at first there is not. Want a good backlog of 5 to 10 issues before i get them published online though that will very by kickstarter funds.

I have ideas for designs but the design is majority up to you as it proteins to character, mechs, spaceships, combat armor, so on. But we will have to agree of course and it is something you will need to draw it over and over again throughout the series. I can do the wording and some editing if needed but if it is easier for you to then that is okay with me. I may have story related needs such as weapons, hair color, and so on. Look at Titanfall or Gundam if you don't know what a Mech is.

I have been working on the story for the comic for over a year now and i am excited to start it up. I have put a lot of thought and detail into it and may involve a co writer in the future but that is for later.

Below is a link to a small portion of what I wrote feel free to give it a read.
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