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Hi guys, fresh blood here. My name is Anna (34f) and I have microscopic ceramic workshop in Poland. I create ceramic planters and jewellery. Usually one of a kind deals.I will attach some photos :)

I want a challenge. So, I have a huge request, give me some inspiration, please! I've been thinking about weeks, but I just can't find the right idea. The target is to create a ceramic incense waterfall that's connected to any of my favorite franchises or symbols/style.

What's incense waterfall you ask? check here:
google image search: smoke waterfall - Google Search

The franchises I love are: Pokemon, Persona, Zelda, all Nintendo stuff, Witcher, Overwatch, Nier, Studio Ghibli. Additionally magic symbols, night sky, and everything that's cute/sweet/aesthetic.

Please take into consideration the effect of the smoke, and would people buy it, would you?
Ex. of ideas im looking for: "Vaporeon with smoke going down his back" or "Pikachu drinking from a bowl that smoke waterfall is connected to" etc. Is there something you think smoke would really fit?

Some of my work so far, these are flower planters :
Tableware Flowerpot Drinkware Cup Dishware

Plant Flowerpot Tableware Flower Dishware

Plant Flowerpot Houseplant Vase Drinkware

Any comment will be greatly appreciated.
Warm regards from Poland~
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