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Hi guys,

My name is Hayden and I am an inspiring author who is in the midst of writing a fantasy series with the working title, "The Ever-Forest Saga." I am wanting to commission some art for the series, as well as get a book cover designed sometime in the spring of 2021. I am new to commissioning art, so I am looking to both 1) know what the fair price to pay someone to do the work I am asking for, and to make sure they get fair credit, and 2) looking for portfolios of artists who might be interested.

I am looking for someone who has a joy in drawing fantastic settings, be that landscape or city, as well as good at character design. Not looking for anything hyper-realistic, but also trying to keep it from looking too cartoonish.

My email is [email protected] if you would like to share how I can look at the art you already have done, or if you just have general advice, I would love to here it! I can provide more details on the series privately if you would like.

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