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Hey there, I am LittleLotus.

I'm half Austronesian and half Western European with very mixed family lines haha. I love to travel, and of course, I also love art. Japan inspires me, since I have never been (nor do I want to go since the distance and "imagination" make Japan seem like a fantasy narnia to me, I fear if I ever went and saw it myself, I would lose the muse it gives me, even though I also want to go so badly haha!)

I used to be a traditional artist, but an accident ruined my artistic abilities, I've spent 3 years in therapy recovering my body to draw again. While I wasn't well enough to draw traditionally, I took to digital art and enjoy that too.
Now that I am better, there is a lot I want to do -between my studies of course, school keeps me very busy too-.

I want to combine my digital and newly reclaim traditional abilities to make something fresh, something that is a sum of my illness, determination, recovery all wrapped up.

I have an idea in my head for a piece (like manga? or comic?) that I really want to attempt, however I come here for guidance, even before I was ill I never done comic work before so I am ou of depth and seek advice.

I hope someone can private/email on here with me to help with this new approach in work. It doesnt matter what medium you use, I am open to any advice.

Please comment/mail me if you don't mind my questions and asking of help haha

Thank you kindly.

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