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Lefranc & Bourgeois watercolour range

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I have a load of L&B Aquarelle watercolour half pans.

Im putting together a colour test sheet and would like to have information on the extent of the series, as a colour pampflet, PDF or a list of all the colours in the serie.

It says 40373 on the paper convolute on all colours.
On one halfpan it says “Vert Antioche Cl… 1147”. It also reads “510 ljusgrön” and 3013648061941 on a sticker on it.
On another halfpan it says “Gumme Gutte 1132”.

Who is the distributor for L&B in Sweden?
I have contacted Homepage in France and several shops, and they cannot provide any information on this L&B serie.
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