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I need help identifying this painting I just came into possession of through my job. It's 12" x 6" in size. Painted on a Students Academy Board prepared for oil painting by Windsor & Newton Rathbone Place London West. It has Land's End - Cornwall (Spot Sketch) written in pencil on the back. I had to remove the painting from the frame to see the signature but it's too hard to read the artists name properly.

I've tried a Google search on what the name may be without any luck. And I've seen other paintings of the same subject and it's a pretty good representation of the place. The painting is pretty old and if I had to guess I'd put it around the early 1900s to maybe the 1930s if the font that the sticker on the back is any judge as it is using multiple fonts and is quite vintage and looks to be from that period. The painting itself has definite age as the parts of the picture that have been covered by the frame is lighter than the exposed parts. I'm looking to find out who the artist is and any links to his or hers other works.

I'll post a picture of both sides without filtering and a blow up of the signature that I have both filtered and non filtered. It's obviously important enough to have lived as long as it has but I doubt it's anything worth a fortune. I couldn't be that lucky. Lol.

Thank you for any help with this.
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