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Good day, everyone!
I'm new to such type of the forums, so do forgive me for some noobish behavior.
I'm a digital artist, or at least I claim myself as the one. My drawing skills are quite noobish, but I'm still learning how to draw!

I'm not going to spam this thread with images in a seperate way, I'd rather give a link on my deviant art profile. However, I'll bump up this thread as soon as another picture of mine has been made.

Kanugane's deviant art profile
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Thank you very much, for both - Greeting and replies regarding my art works. Its always nice to hear, when people too like what you draw ^^.
Thank you, very much. 'tis just a thing that I'm trying to be honest and give a massive, blunt hint that shall I get any commission - dont wait for any extra-ordinary result *nod nod*.

P.S - By the way, another picture is incoming. Sketch is uploaded on my deviantart profile!
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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