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Good day, everyone!
I'm new to such type of the forums, so do forgive me for some noobish behavior.
I'm a digital artist, or at least I claim myself as the one. My drawing skills are quite noobish, but I'm still learning how to draw!

I'm not going to spam this thread with images in a seperate way, I'd rather give a link on my deviant art profile. However, I'll bump up this thread as soon as another picture of mine has been made.

Kanugane's deviant art profile
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Welcome to the forums Kanugane, You work is right up there with the anime style, even though you are learning the skill set that is required in the digital format don't underestimate your skills. I have this to say about your post about you being new to this style art... My skills are quite low and not enought to even dream about comissions, so right now i'm drawing random pictures in anime style, trying to improve my drawing skills.

Even if your know that you want to be at another level with your should never let let the viewer of your work know that. Never let them know what you are trying to accomplish. Tell them what you have accomplished and let them make their own decisions.

It is never to early in your art career to begin commissions, there will always be somebody who will want your work and it is a great way to learn. Getting the client to buy your work even when they do not know they want it is the tricky part in doing commissions.

Looking forward to seeing your progressions as you grow into the artist you are...
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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