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...Is this thing on?

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Okay so, here I am. My name is J. R. Harness, I'm a 17 year old artist from Tennessee with a particular interest in comic books and action-oriented visual art. I like to dabble in traditional styles, manga, and, on occasion, anthropomorphic art. (I hate to use the term, but that means FURRY. There. I said it.) I don't really have a specialty as far as mediums are concerned, but I prefer to use colored pencils or markers. Sometimes I whip out the ole Wacom tablet, but that's for special occasions. I currently have ambitions to create a web comic or some such thing in the near future. But don't try to search for me on Youtube, Deviantart, Twitter, Instagram, or any other forums... Because I don't have them; my mom maintains that people will try to steal my work... Yeah, right.... I've been commited to my practice since 2010, when I posted my first stuff to Facebook. Ah, good times... Anyway, message me if you got any questions. I'm always up for an art trade. God Bless.:cool:
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I've been trying to post my artwork here, but it keeps saying I'm missing a token or something.
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