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Hello, dear artists and art lovers!
Innovative Art Startup looking for Bilingual Artists & Writers - native speakers in more than 1 language.

All bilinguals are very welcomed - and special attention will have:

* Italian+Russian
* Italian+English
* Italian+French
* Italian+Polish
* Italian+Lithuanian
* Italian+German
* Italian+Japanese

Innovative Start-up in Entertainment & Art field.
* Please only candidates speaking both Italian AND another language as a NATIVE language.
* NO Italians will be considered.
* European candidates will be preferred, others will be considered.
* Benefits and revenues will be discussed during the interview.
* Only Requirement: The candidate needs to be able to speak English - and understand this Job post.

Outstanding personality and talent are required in order to change the world, "interpreters" are not needed.

Thanks for the attention, and good luck,
Chris, Community manager
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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