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I'm interested in getting Fanart done for my castlevania Fanfic. attached is the fic.

Prompts(pick 1)

1 "My master sat in the throne high above the arena. I waited for what came next: Servants, come forth from the gates of Hell! I tensed, ready for attack: begin. I jumped away from the minotaur and started running. All of a sudden, chains shackled my wrists and ankles and my master stood there: ah ah ah! Don't spoil it. Attack! I shook my head. My master frowned: If you will not fall into the place carved for you by fate, then you shall be forced into it. I struggled against my chains as they pulled me into the air so I floated in front of my master. I noticed he held a riding crop: you brought this upon yourself, child. And with the first strike of the crop, I blacked out."
2 "i want Leon. Leon!
...ella? Are you alright, dearest? Fine. bella gagged. I held her up as she vomited. Again and again and again. By the time she stopped, there was blood mixed in. I was no healer but I could tell she needed one, as soon as possible. She was skinny. But no one should be so skinny that it hurts to sit. Sitting seemed to cause bella great pain. She started crying into my tunic: Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake: but he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved. I kissed her golden hair: you brave, righteous girl. God has heard you. Of that I am certain. Thank you, Leon. She cried harder."
3 "Over the sound of a tinkling, tiny music box vlad and adrian tepes grieved together. happy birthday, micuție. Vlad choked out, bloody tears streaming down his cheeks. He and Adrian never had gotten over the loss of maria and tiny Isabella. The loss of Lisa? A tragedy. The loss of the beautiful fiery maria and tiny stillborn Isabella? Soul shattering agony for nearly 250 years. Vlad pecked Adrian on the forehead, whose only response was to bury his face in his father’s strong shoulder and cry harder for his long-dead wife and child. The song from the music box began again."

The door opened and faces and names came flooding back to her as she saw them: papa? Grandpapa? Wha-shhh. Vlad shushed his granddaughter: its over now, micuție. We’re together again. You’re home. Alucard(being careful of the medical tubes in his little girl’s body) held her like a porcelain doll: I’ll never sleep again. I can’t. I’ve been brought back to isabella...te iubesc, dragul meu...alucard cupped one cheek, kissing the other. Father and daughter made eye contact. As sick as she was right now, his isabella was still so beautiful. Maria came in and isabella(carefully)took one of each of their hands. Maria’s eyes widened and she almost drew away: she’s-here let me vlad murmured. He reached towards himself at the same time, to slide his great dark cloak off his shoulders. Vlad settled the heavy cloak over his granddaughter’s body and kissed her hair: ma odihnesc acum, micuție. esti in siguranta. Alucard’s tears of joy fell like rain. And from a small table in the room, isabella’s lullaby played from her music box, the melody acting like a balm to everyone within.
Isabella Bernhard started coughing as soon as she got through the door. Mathias, seeing his granddaughter coughing, put a hand to her forehead. Her skin was hot to the touch: Christ, Isabella. Bed. Now. Isabella opened her mouth to argue, but mathias stopped her: you’re running yourself ragged, my darling. You know how much I love you, but this has to stop. Mathias helped isabella into bed as she mumbled deliriously: my fault. All of it. I should- shhh. Mathias shushed her gently. He sat down in the chair next to the bed, gripping her hand. Don’t leave me...she moaned, shuddering again. She let out a whimper of pain, and in her fevered hysteria, groaned out: My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? Then: Father, Help me! Please! The door opened and andreas, adrian, elisabetha maria and lisa came in, just as isabella started seizing. she descended into the darkness. Her body convulsed with one seizure after another. “O, LORD GOD! DELIVER ME FROM MY ENEMY!” She retreated from the evil presence within her. Josevus Cronqvist’s mad laughter from more than a century ago echoed in her ears.
Abby was flitting around her room trying to make sure she had everything: her chain-link whip(a present from rinaldo), short sword and her enchanted gauntlets(from Bianca. she wasn’t even supposed to touch any of these things until her sixteenth birthday). With that set, she walked into her closet to suit up for battle: the armor fit perfectly(this world’s leon had given it to her with a chuckle because she looked so adorable with a mimicry of a warrior’s concentration). From the dreams she kept having over the last little while, one thing was crystal clear to her: the other dimension was in danger. And she’d be dammed(no pun intended)if she wasn’t gonna do something about it. She was a warrior, just like papa. She put the letter to her family on her desk, where she knew they would find it: I’ll be back when it’s all over. But if not, May we meet again at the throne of God. Love, Abby. Lastly, from the closet, she retrieved her mother’s sword: the Corvinus. Etched into the rainguard was a single raven. The blade bore the Latin inscription: God Wills This. The grip and pommel were black and silver. As was the scabbard. She drew the sword testing its weight. She was relieved to find it was as light as her whip, even with the scabbard. She strapped the weapons to her hips and pulled on her gloves. She took one last look around at her childhood, knowing that when and if she returned, she would no longer be a child. She raised her hand and as magic flowed from her fingers, the lights in her room went out. She turned and headed for the royal chapel to kneel before The King Of Heaven for the last time as a child.
Vlad looked on in horror as he heard that bastard Germaine’s honeyed poison words of: Let’s play, shall we, just as Abigail Bernhard vanished into the time gate. Walter Bernhard almost bumped into the other vampire, in search of his granddaughter. As vlad turned around, walter asked: Unde este ea? draga mea. Vlad swallowing the familiar grief, said: pierdut în timp... Și când se va întoarce, nu va mai fi la fel. Ea merge pe calea unui cusader, acum. Walter buried his face in his hands, as vlad urged him out of the chapel: Îmi pare rău pentru tine, Walter Bernhard. Walter gave a shuddering sigh, bloody tears streaming down his cheeks.
Abby walked through the mountains on foot, having to leave the horse she borrowed in
at its base: Where are you, Germaine? Abby growled. The cackle sounded again: when we do meet, little crusader, I plan on doing to you what I did to Isabella Tepes. This is going to be so much fun,
All these little puzzles I have planned. you will beg for death long before i will give it to you, little dhampir. Abby thought: The women of my family learned long ago those without swords can still die upon them. Aloud she said: I fear neither death nor pain. Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness. Do your worst, Germaine. I’m ready. He cackled again: excellent.
Isabella tepes sat in a chair as her alternate self read abby’s note. Isabella bernhard looked up, tears streaming down her cheeks: I’m a horrible mother. I didn’t give her enough love. And now my little bat’s gone. I’ll nev-tepes sighed and put her hand on top of bernhard’s: And he saith unto them, Why are ye fearful,
? Bernhard ducked her head in shame. Tepes said: Give god your trust, isabella bernhard. If it be wisdom in god that you see your daughter again, the lord will make it so. Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you:
as the world giveth, give I unto you-
it be afraid Bernhard finished.
Bernhard nodded miserably as her husband came over knelt down, and took her hands in his: why didn’t you tell me isabella? Bernhard choked out: I didn’t want to worry you. Or Walter. You-isabella, you need to stop doing this to yourself. It’s not healthy, love. You can’t fix everything. But-berhard’s husband motioned her grandfather over, gave her a quick kiss on the lips, and stepped away. Mathias put a hand on her cheek: you’re breaking my heart, my darling. It grieves me to see you like this. What can I do to help? Hmm? Bernhard mouthed the words: kill me. Please! Mathias hugged her almost immediately: you don’t really want to do this. I know you don’t. And deep down you know it too. ...yes...bernhard choked out mathias responded with a verse tepes knew well: And the maiden pleased him, and she obtained kindness of him; and he speedily gave her her things for purification, with such things as belonged to her, and seven maidens, which were meet to be given her, out of the king's house: and he preferred her and her maids unto the best place of the house of the women. The lord loves you, my darling and so do i. You saved me the day you were born...guided me back to the Lord...for that i will be forever don’t ever wish yourself dead. For abby’s sake if nothing else. With that Bernhard seemed to snap out of her depression. She hugged her husband and grandfather, her father came in and she pulled him into the hug as well.
After the service Isabella was about to tell people to get some rest when the time gate opened and she heard a familiar cackle: come and find me, O, Eternal Crusader. His demented laughter echoed around the chapel: better hurry.
You know
what happens when I get bored, Isabella Tepes. I’m not sure this beautiful child will be able to hold out for long. He laughed again. Then came a scream of: O, LORD GOD! DELIVER ME FROM MY ENEMY! Isabella tepes faced the people in the chapel: LET’S GO! And with that, people began the hundred yard dash into the portal, with Walter Andreas and Isabella Bernhard in the lead.
Abby’s now broken armor lay in a corner of her cell. The old man knelt in front of the bars and stretched out his hand. The man’s voice was hypnotic, much like bunicul Bernhard’s only with a much darker edge: you obey me now, child. you are mine. I am your master. He leaned forward to grab her wrist, yanking her forward. Abby took the opportunity(even though mama wouldn’t be happy because it wasn’t ladylike)to spit in his face. The man sighed lightly in frustration as he dashed the spit from his cheek: fine then. I’ll do this the hard way. He snapped his fingers, abby’s chains came off and the door opened. Just as it did, abby transformed into a bat: CATCH ME IF YOU CAN! She sped off, ignoring the old man’s roar of: No! Behind her.
Outer wall
Abby finally got to use her whip: say goodnight! She swung the whip in wide yet precise circles channeling her magic through it. The corrupted axe knights melted away beneath the whip’s touch.
Alchemy lab – sealed door and hall to the royal chapel
The door swung open and zombies came barreling out. Lucky for her abby had a floating sword: guys, I don’t taste good! really! She had to use her whip to keep her distance: scuze pentru mizerie, domnule Tepes. After the zombies were taken care of, she entered the chapel.

15 After the prayer abby turned around and leaned against the altar, falling into a deep sleep. And she dreamed. Someone was holding her head on their lap and petting at her hair. Bună, Abby,” a voice says, a pair of cold hands gently settling on both sides of her face. “Cum te descurci? Suddenly abby gets dizzy. Wha-? She “opened” her eyes trying to refocus: where-? Shhh. trebuie să te odihnești, Abigail al meu. ești foarte aproape de moarte chiar acum, draga mea. The woman smiled at abby and the first word that left abby’s mouth was: bunica? The woman nodded. Another woman came over and said: what an awful tragedy. That man just won’t leave these poor girls alone, will he, Mahla? Abby’s paternal grandmother started stroking her hair again: încă un motiv pentru a disprețui acea pălărie de top purtând nebun. She growled: mă dezgustă, Germaine. nebunule! Abby giggled. Mahla turned back to her granddaughter and put a locket around her neck: Am primit asta de la bunicul tău în noaptea în care ne-am întâlnit. mi-a spus că a primit-o de la mama sa, Bianca. Cred că este timpul să o moștenești, draga mea. Tears started streaming down abby’s face in gratitude: multumesc, bunica. Mahla kissed her forehead: Dumnezeul tău să fie cu tine, abby al meu. And with that, abby awoke.
2 other voices sounded: ¡¿querés apostar?! ține-ți mâinile murdare și pervertite departe de nepoata mea! There was a grunt of pain from the old man and he vanished again. Footsteps entered the chapel and stopped just short of where abby was. A man with purple hair and hazel eyes extended a hand to abby helping her stand: ¿estás bien, abby? Abby blinked in confusion, so the man switched to english: are you alright? Yeah. She saw her aunt bianca making goo goo eyes at the man and giggled: auntie bianca’s in love? Wait til I tell grandfather! Aunt bianca turned away from her boyfriend and glared at abby: ce faci aici, liliac micuț ?! hmmm ?! She saw abby’s weapons: how many times did i tell you abby. those are not toys. I’m not playing right now auntie. I came to protect the tepes’ castle. I’ve been dreaming about what will happen here for weeks! Bianca swallowed the urge to vomit: your father isn’t going to like this abby. And to be honest, neither do i. Let’s not even start with your mother, hmm? I left them a note. Yes you did. And I’m not happy with you abby. Not a bit. Isabella and Andreas Bernhard stormed in: I'm
disappointed in you. what did you think you were doing? You could have been killed today. Andreas pressed rapid kisses to his daughter’s hair.
Alucard carefully leaned over and lifted his light as feather daughter into his arms as she broke down sobbing: shhh...sunt aici... Te am pe tine... Te iubesc, draga mea. Alucard started stroking her hair and she choked out: Te rog, nu mă părăsi! Never. Alucard murmured, kissing her forehead. Isabella’s fangs started extending as lisa handed a cup of blood to her son: she needs blood. See if you can’t get her to drink it. Alucard propped his daughter up and murmured: Bea, draga mea. Isabella put her lips around the straw and started to drink, desperately trying not to think about the other memories the sensations caused. Her fangs receded and she fell asleep, cuddled against her father’s chest. Rest and heal, my Isabella. I will never leave you. Alucard looked down as a wet patch started to form on his tunic from his daughter’s tears. multumesc, tata isabella murmured, as tears continued to stream down her cheeks even in sleep.
18 Adrian. Stop pacing. Our girl will be fine. The Lord is with her. Alucard walked to the window and stood with his back to his wife as he raged against the heavens. Oh really? Tell me something then: WHERE WAS HER GOD WHEN I HELD HER AGAINST MY BREAKING HEART AS A LIFELESS INFANT?! WHERE WAS HE WHEN HER TINY BODY WAS STOLEN BY THAT DISPICABLE OLD MAN?! WHERE WAS HE-papa. Alucard spun on his heel, tears streaming down his cheeks. Isabella stood in the doorway: you’re starting to sound like the Dracula I knew best. That’s not a good sign. Isabella walked over to her father standing on tiptoe to give him a kiss on the cheek: I want you to do something for me. Let go of your hate for God before it destroys you. Alucard wrapped his arms around isabella and choked out: why should I? He took my beautiful, kind, gentle little daughter and crushed her under His heel. Isabella shook her head: Not so. Papa, don't you see? It's because of Him I survived: The righteous cry, and the Lord heareth, and delivereth them out of all their troubles. Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall lift you up. Alucard kissed his daughter’s hair: I am afraid...I don’t want to lose you again. I mourned you and your mother for more than a hundred years. Never truly living, just existing as the years melted, one into the other. I barely knew wether I was awake or asleep some days. You had grandpapa though, didn’t you? He was much the same, my isabella. Isabella thought: help me, Lord. My father needs you. She pulled her father towards the door: come with me. You need to meet someone.
Isabella tepes sat against the altar with abby in her lap: but I wanna fight! Let me help! Abby. This is not a joke, little bat. We don’t know what will happen tomorrow. You need to stay here with my grandmother. But I can fight! I know you can. You've done beautifully. Now, let us take it from here. Think about it this way abby: someone needs to protect my grandmother. Ordinarily, I would. But I have to lead the charge tomorrow. So you must do so in my place. Can I count on you for that? Yup! Andreas Bernhard came walking over holding out his arms: I’ll take her, Lady Tepes. Abby wrapped her arms around Andreas’ neck and he carried her over to her grandfather Bernhard.
Vlad started to walk towards the altar after his granddaughter but stopped as isabella knelt. For a second he’d almost felt like his old self, letting his mind wander back to 1094 and the sheer venom he’d harbored for God in those days. He was all set to rip that open again if his isabella died tomorrow. Then isabella started praying:
Pater noster qui es in cælis:
sanctificétur nomen tuum;
advéniat regnum tuum;
fiat volúntas tua, sicut in cælo, et in terra.

Panem nostrum cotidiánum[m] da nobis hódie;
et dimítte nobis débita nostra,
sicut et nos dimíttimus debitóribus nostris;
et ne nos indúcas in tentatiónem;
sed líbera nos a malo.

O mi Iesu, a defendat mendacium, quod contra Deum committere.
Protegat nos Satanae exercitu
Clementer adsistere digneris, Te amare magis.
Aciem nostram sustineret.
Nos in fide.
Ducunt spem salutis.
Auxilium tuum nobis stare et defendere sanctus voluntatem.
Confirma = cipimus quod verum tuae discipuli.
Da nobis virtus.
Da nobis fiduciam.
Dirigendos pedes nostros in viam veritatis.
Hostem tueatur.
Effundam super nos tutela vestri gratias uocant.
Auxilium nostrum ne tentationem.
Tua nos propius adducere ad Cor.
Clementer adsistere digneris, ut in fide permanerent, ad te in omni tempore.
As isabella closed her prayer, the old and long thought buried emotions of this world’s Mathias Cronqvist severed the aged vampire lord’s renewed rage against his Creator. Vlad fell to his knees as isabella turned around: Bunicule? Ce s-a întâmplat cu tine? Vlad shoulders shook as bloody tears streamed down his cheeks: Nu sunt vrednic... nu mai este... iartă-mă, micuție Vlad choked out.

21 Tepes and Bernhard drew their swords: DEUS VULT! They cried aloud. With that, the army started charging through the halls of Castlevania.
Lisa rose went to the altar and knelt: dear God, if you care
at all
, look after all the brave warriors that fight in your name today. Please! Lisa choked out. She stood, walked back over to the pew and broke down sobbing.
Lisa spoke: how can I help, Lady Cronqvist? And elisabetha spilled everything to lisa.
Father...quit hogging abby...this is getting ridiculous. That was tata. bunicul gave the vampire-exquivalent of a pout: dar este atât de drăguță ... nu-i așa, abigail? Te iubesc... He kissed her forehead. bunică came over and put a hand on his shoulder: Walter, ești o astfel de sevă. acum dă-o aici ... Bunică took baby abby from walter and looked into her eyes: ridică-te, abby. nu poți lăsa Godbrand să câștige.
Eric had Jonathan by the collar: watch your mouth morris. There are ladies present. Okay! I got it! Now lemme go! Eric released him: never do that again. YOU WILL hold yourself to a higher standard, Jonathon morris! Why? Because of your precious God? Your God didn’t save Gabby. Did he, Lecarde? ENOUGH! Juste roared. You are acting like a child, jonathan morris! Would it kill you to let eric grieve like a normal person? No sir. Good. Now let’s go!
Isabella Tepes took two shaky steps towards the door and collapsed to her knees remembering the monster that had been waiting for her here the last time. This world’s Leon Belmont knelt next to her.
Très chère Bella, ce n'est pas le moment des mensonges. Ce que vous allez être est très, très courageux:
Sois fort et courageux, ne les crains ni ne les crains; car c'est l'Éternel, ton Dieu, qui va avec toi; il ne te manquera pas, ni ne t'abandonnera.
Je vous ai dit ces choses, afin que vous ayez la paix en moi. Dans le monde, vous aurez des tribulations: mais soyez de bonne humeur; J'ai vaincu le monde. Dieu ne vous abandonnera jamais. maintenant levez-vous. C'est bientôt fini. Isabella stood: merci mon Dieu pour toi, Léon Belmont.
Ensemble? Leon smiled: ensemble. They pulled the doors open.
27 Germaine had the gall to be lounging in grandpapa’s throne. For a split second I wanted to vomit but I pushed the feeling away. Germaine spoke trying to goad my family into attacking: how cute. Little bella finally found her family. Bravo bella, you brought them here just like I planned. Turning to lock eyes with papa, germaine found the ***** in his mental armor and rammed the knife home: ah, obedient...made for quite the good little slut. And papa snapped. With a roar of rage, he leapt straight for the old man as all hell broke loose.
He saw his brother in law, relentlessly beating into the old man with his fists: SHE WAS A BABY! YOU STOLE THAT FROM HER! HOW DARE YOU! He saw now why Richter had his name: the Judge really had stepped out from behind the doting uncle.
29 Isabella faced the old man: I pity you, Germaine. You have not the slightest inkling of what love is. Isabella started glowing with a white heavenly light and her footsteps echoed around the room as she walked toward the old man. She drew her sword: I wish I could let you live. But if I did, many thousands of people just as innocent as I once was will suffer and die. Now! Face your judgement before the Lord, sinner! Germaine laughed: born one of the damned, yet a Christian? That’s rich. Right then, Eternal Crusader. Let’s finish this! Indeed. With that, isabella tore open a portal back to the infinite corridor temporarily pulling the castle back inside.
Aeon appeared beside Isabella in an instant: let’s end this. The two danced back and forth across the corridor, juggling Germaine between them. HOW DOES IT FEEL, WHEN YOU’RE THE ONE LAYING THERE TAKING THE BEATING, OLD MAN! Aeon roared.
Aeon once again shifted Castlevania back outside the rift, just as the sky cleared and the sun rose. The two Vampire Lords were standing in the sun. And for the first time in more than 900 years, they did not burn.
This world’s leon belmont was trying and failing miserably to contain his grief. Good god, but he didn’t want to say goodbye to his dearest Bella. Even if that did mean getting to be with Sara again(he’d watched the Vampire Killer disappear from his hand just as the sun rose). He heard her giggling with her grandfather(mathias cronqvist no longer, he’d had to remind himself) as Vlad had been carrying her around in his arms all day. He watched at as the vampire lord set her down and she took his hand walking over to where Leon stood: I’ll leav-no! Please don’t! Leon choked out. Vlad raised an eyebrow at his compatriot: I don’t want to leave you, Bella. I love you. I-leon. You never will. You’ll always be with me-she pointed to her heart-in here. Vlad took a deep breath and swallowed a sob. Turning back to leon the two clasped shoulders: Farewell, Leon. I hope eternal peace and happiness treats you well. Rest well, my friend. Thank you. Leon turned and walked away, fading from the mortal realm as he did so.
Everytime I go outside the castle I see that white haired weasel. I’m gonna murder that guy....
Richter stomped over to where Aeon was placing another bouqet of flowers. For his niece obviously. Richter goddamn belmont wasn’t born yesterday, thank you very much. Hey jackass. Leave us alone. Got it? The weasel started talking: I’m just here to tell her I fixed the gate. She-isabella stepped outside: hello Aeon. Uncle. You be nice. But-lisa stepped outside. Richter. Calm down. Good lord, what is the matter with you? Yes ma’am.
For the first time since he’d left his old life behind, vlad tepes knelt before the Lord in gratitude. He had much to be grateful for: Isabella Bernhard(she’d saved him from his rage and subsequently damaging his relationship with his son beyond repair) having at least his son by his side for 200 years while they grieved, his reunion with his family, his Isabella(he tried his hardest not to think about how the old man had tortured her, focusing on the positive: her beautiful spirit, her smile(She was always smiling. She was always making him smile, now. Her hugs. He almost felt human again.)
adrian came in, dressed in the crusader garb Vlad had made him. He pouted looking a bit like a grumpy cat: tată, se presupune că haina de cruciați este așa? abia mă pot mișca. Vlad chuckled: trebuie să înveți să te miști cu armura, fiule. te vei obișnui cu asta. Je ne peux pas imaginer me battre comme ça ... comment Léon a-t-il fait? Adrian quipped dryly.
People lined the streets tossing flowers into the cusaders’ path. Lisa stepped to the front of the crowd as it parted for her. Vlad dismounted his horse as the parade stopped, spinning a smiling lisa around in the air and mounted his horse again, as Lisa leaned against his chest, laughing. The people cried aloud with one voice: three cheers for the heroes of Castlevania! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray!
37 Isabella tepes reached the steps of the cathedral. She dismounted her horse and climbed the steps, turning to face the crowd: People of Targoviste: I’ve been a soldier for many, many years. The Lord has never abandoned me. Nor will he abandon you. Let us together rebuild this world, that we may share in the days of peace. Like a whisper on the wind isabella heard: God is pleased with you, dearest Bella. Well done. Isabella felt the lightest pressure as this world’s Leon kissed her hair.
It’s official. Walter Bernhard’s granddaughters are the most terrifying thing on earth. Some pervs tried to cop feels at the bar, and well...they ran like hell when abby started cracking her whip. Those who made it out were introduced to the business end of the Lecarde family spear, courtesy of Gabi. I think I’m in love...
- A bar patron



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