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Hello everybody.
I have an idea for a social project in the form of a benefit exhebition, where the proceeds of sale of the art works sould be donate for the good cause. It´s about to help people in developing countries to have a better life. And on the opening day of that exhibition could play some musicians too and in the period of exhibition there could be other interactive und creative projects too, which are open for everyone in seminars, lectures, lessons, workshops and much more, with games for chancing, tasks for working together, theatrical performances and much for, for a social communication to empower the sharing and learn valuable knowledges by immortal expressions. The objective soulb be that this will be in developing countries too.

So now I need your advice. What do you think in what a kind of location that project could start at best and how sould I proceed to make my idea change into reality? Whom to address and contact and how I sould tell him or her of my idea?

All the best wishes by,
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