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I would like to learn how to watercolour, what do I need and where do I start?

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Im searching for the tools and materials to buy from Amazon. Any good starter sets or bundle I should look at?

i.e. What brushes do I need? What kind of paper do I need to buy? What else do I need?

Thank you. I'm really inspired, can't wait!

Products Im looking at:
A palette something like this (having separated places to mix the colours is a plus, right? I'm really goofy!)

And what do you think of a set like this? Anything important missing?
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What do you think of purchasing waterbrushes and very basic watercolors along with washable pencils (24 pencils okay?) like in this video?

It looks SO neat!
For other people who is troubled on what do you need, this video (although targeted towards painting on the fly) is pretty cool:

I'm a bit confused on the watercolors: I see some in liquid form, others like this : which are solid?
To those solid ones, you just add water once and they become thick like oils right? Or am I missing something?

Can waterbrushes be a replacement for brushes?
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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