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I really need help!!!

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Hello I'm Sherina and new to the forum and I have a ton of questions that I think could be addressed in a art business forum, so I think this is the correct place. I'm a pastelist self-taught and I'm thinking about having a solo art exhibit in late spring or early summer. The thing is I won't be selling my originals, but I want to sell quality Giclee prints.
The problem is that I'll have 24 pieces of work on display from 32 x 40 up to 40 x 60. I know there large, but I just can;t seem to create anything on a small scale and trust me I've tried. I totally get creative block.
The company that I have used in the past to create my Giclee's suggested that I offer each piece in 3 different sizes. Not to mention the other 14 images that I need to have captured digitally at $75.00 apiece before they can be transposed into giclee's.
The problem is the cost I'd incur. I don't have thousands of dollars to invest in that many giclee's, and I don't know any other artist that I could invite to participate and share the cost. So I'm wondering if anyone here has a better idea?
Then I have to find a location, provide appetizers and beverages, and have monies for some type of promotional things like exhibition invitation cards, which I could probably do from my computer on some good card stock paper. Please I'm open to any and all ideas and thank you in advance. I'm going to try and upload some images of my work, so you can have an idea of what I create.


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Nice art.

I don't print that big, but if I did, I'd buy a printer and do it myself. My biggest prints my printer will handle are 17 x 22.
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