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I really need a edge of help by anyone who'll listen

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I never really had engagement by anyone on twitter or even tumblr when I posted art there but if you'll come across my art on either maybe just throw in a comment or something, I always hear of people complaining that they get only 1k engagements or something so Id rather just complain about getting only no engagement.
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very colorful nice work.!
thank you!
I don't think any kind of "killer" is nice, but what I see is colorful or full of color.
Neither do I understand the fascination with killer clowns. To me, that has as much impact as killer peanuts from Pluto. But then, whatever entertainment a killer clown (spelled incorrectly with a K) may present, also has little value to me in the first place. The 1.8m low budget film did make 40+m at the box office, and has become a cult classic of sorts. Now it doesn't even sizzle, but I'd take 43m bucks any day.
If KK is something your really like, then by all means make the most of it. Your digital composition ability is what you make of it, colorful or not, exotic shape(s) or not, impact or no impact. Might I ask what you expect from us viewers? Maybe KK was the wrong topic for you to showcase, and that's why you received little or no response.
Maybe, the artwork wasn't the main piece of interest though, I just added it as I had recently made it and felt like getting it out there. I probably should've split the artwork and what I was saying into separate posts.
1 - 4 of 7 Posts