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I'm no spring chicken, I graduated high school when Jimmy Carter was President. So imagine my happiness at knowing that my (excellent) 95-year-old high school art teacher is still alive.

We had a great visit last November. I gave her a bunch of prints of my stuff and excitedly shared how much art I'd created recently. I told her about an upcoming show I would be in later on this year. She said that she had stuff I could use, a print holder, easels, etc.

I got a phone call from her yesterday reminding me that my show was coming up soon, that I'd better come over and get the stuff she was loaning me!

She also said that she has learned a new watercolor technique, and that I needed to attend the classes she's teaching. But not right away, because she's teaching acrylics this month.

I hope I'm that sharp at 65, let alone 30 years beyond.
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