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I Hate Cynicism.

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So I myself, and I don't feel like forcing my possibly naive opinions on someone with more experience in the artist community than me but personally; I hate cynicism. In any art form, I dislike it greatly. I personally like actually the polar to cynicism; optimism. The reason I like it so dearly is because it leads to a form of light, and I don't mean in a figurative sense, just generally it gives me a lighter feeling. The main reason I'm not just going out and solely saying that, leaving it, is because I want to take into account and support more colourful art in a sense of contrast and general saturation. I have always loved things simular to what you would imagine a LSD trip would be like, and I just want to promote anything like that. I love color, and I love optimism. I myself am growing closer to that concept and I love the bright and colorful. I just wanted to say that.

To whoever is reading this, Have a grand day.
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WOW! I must have too much time on my clock this morning to be getting into this discussion. But, good-grief, Cynicism is the feeling of distrust. I have a hard time equating that thought into art. Possibly an artist may become cynical about how a gallery is going to treat him/her. However, that's where I stop trying to combine one idea equally into another non-related idea. Woops, I just ran out of time to waste.
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