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I Hate Cynicism.

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So I myself, and I don't feel like forcing my possibly naive opinions on someone with more experience in the artist community than me but personally; I hate cynicism. In any art form, I dislike it greatly. I personally like actually the polar to cynicism; optimism. The reason I like it so dearly is because it leads to a form of light, and I don't mean in a figurative sense, just generally it gives me a lighter feeling. The main reason I'm not just going out and solely saying that, leaving it, is because I want to take into account and support more colourful art in a sense of contrast and general saturation. I have always loved things simular to what you would imagine a LSD trip would be like, and I just want to promote anything like that. I love color, and I love optimism. I myself am growing closer to that concept and I love the bright and colorful. I just wanted to say that.

To whoever is reading this, Have a grand day.
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Whats cynicism in art?
Well, if you take the word art into a literal textbook definition, "the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power." It would be the factoring of any creative media, and cynicism is everywhere conceptually, if you take into account any video presentation as a artwork, such as a movie, or a tv show, but it can be shown in more than just that, it can be shown, as forementioned, in any artform. From a painting, to a animation, to a sculpture. If you have a creative medium and the sort, cynicism can be prolific in its entirety, as in the meanings of the work, or what it represents. In short, everything that can be identified as a cynical creation. I appologize for the paragraph.
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Whats cynicism in art?
To reiterate my philosophy is that, yes, an expression in an artistic manner is stupendous and ought to be respected, I just find that we need less of it in the world we are in because from the right perspective, our very world is a cynical conception, and we as a society can ease the mental stress of life by realizing that if we believe the world and everything to be beautiful, it CAN be beautiful. I don't say not to do cynical work, I mean to mix the combination, solely because I have a sore from the overly cynical artistic spectrum. I personally admire the bright or just figuratively bright. It eases my mind. I wish you a well day or night.
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