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How do you build a daily art routine?

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Hey there, everyone, I'd like to ask a question just to get some ideas here. Does anyone know how to build a routine? I've read about time blocking, but honestly the idea of scheduling your whole day hour by hour feels rather robotic. How do you guys manage to get drawing done every day? Do you guys have a set time for it every day? I.e every day at 9pm or something, or is it done randomly at any hour throughout the day? Just to get some ideas, thanks. :)
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Speaking for myself, I don't attempt to make a routine. I do art work when I have time and feel inspired. Sometimes if there is a lot of turmoil in my life I quit for weeks at a time or even years. There was a time though I did some kind of art work every minute I could spare.
I just mean I don't schedule a particular time. If you more or less punch a time clock I think you would get burnt out. Then I used to force myself to do wood carving for customers when I didn't feel up to it. I soon quit carving altogether. This sculpture I got 80% done 20 years ago and just went back to it last year and finished it. I did get rusty at painting but I've just got involved again after quitting in 2009. My business got in trouble and then a storm destroyed the building so art work was the last thing on my mind. I really didn't have space for it either. The art work building had to be converted to accommodate my woodworking business. This year I managed to get the building back.


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1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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