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How about Subcategories for styles within a medium?

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Iv'e seen the range here: photo-realistic originals that may have not have otherwise seen any action past the home refrigerator magnet had it not been for the internet. And then, all of them posting..some asking for crit, otherwise advertising their projects...

It's not (completely) fair for photo-realistics to be comparing notes with refrigerator magnet stars or vice-versa..which is not saying I'm suggesting like, segregation (really.. I totally oppose segregation). Instead...I'm just hoping that like-minded folks (like me...who's between the two aforementioned extremes) can better/easier find each other.

Of course, Googling "artist forum" brought me here and I do like it here as it is..and artists are kinda (by default) standoffish and insular (which might play into the lack of kinetic movement of this board..but that's another story).

Oh oh.. another suggestion: Oekaki sub-board!

Alright, I'm done. For now. :) :D
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If you want break neck speed in forums I could give you a great place to check out...PM me for that forum. But as for me I like this forum a whole lot better because it is more personal and you have time to look around without missing much even if you are not able to get on here as often as you would like. Here at ArtistForum we have really great artists of all walks of life and of different levels, mediums and styles. Being here rather than the larger and more popular site has given me a chance to focus in on a smaller scale of artists and to give better feed back and to receive feedback in return. I think why there are so many one hit wonders on this site is because people are looking for a larger crowd to fit into and give up on us here way to early...

Any way I hope you find what you are looking for in a forum and like to see you stick around and contribute to our small but very strong group of regulars and become a regular yourself.
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Anytime you are able to create is well worth it...even if there is not a lot of creating being done because of what life throws at us, we should always be thinking about art, It is all around us if we like it or not. I have not created anything major for the past 4 months and I am okay with that...I'm not sure when I will get back to it and I am okay with that. Although I am always looking and learning for future pieces of work. Sometimes we need to take a step back in order to take giant leaps forward.
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