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Hope Art Can Help Me

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I'm glad to be here.

First let me start off by saying that I am not an artist, nor have I really ever been drawn to it; until recently. I'm creative, but I've never felt I had the motor skills to do anything artistic. As a lefty, even my writing is horrible.

With that said, I'm in a bad spot. I have a mental disorder called Paranoid Schizophrenia. Obviously I am paranoid, but I also at times see and hear things that aren't there. If only one of those voices was an art teacher! A bit of schizophrenic humor there. I feel like I need something to focus my concentration and calm the storm in my mind. My psychiatrist thought an art related endeavor would be great.

I have always been fascinated with watercolors, as sometimes I see objects that look like they are painted in watercolors. I know that sounds bizarre, but I would actually like to try and paint those visions. It would allow me to create a physical image of some of the things that I see that aren't really there. I think it could be a wonderful outlet for me.

I don't like to go out in public, so classes are out for me. I'm going to try and watch some YouTube videos and learn. Any other help from the forum would be helpful. I don't expect my "artwork" to be great, just allow me to express myself.

Anyways, I'm rambling. I hope my mental issues won't be a problem for anyone, I'm a very nice and gentle man who is just trying to find his way.

I hope to hear from you.
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Welcome to the forum PreferNotToSay .

I find that art has helped me tremendously with my emotional state. My mental health issue is chronic depression compounded by grieving someone very dear to me. Art keeps me in the moment and sometimes I completely loose myself and just focus on the art and everything else gets blocked out. It's like a mental vacation and I love it because it totally relaxes me.

I started painting about 18 months ago and have learned so much from videos and tutorials and help from my friends here. At first it was hard to take criticism on my work, but I quickly realized that is what makes me improve and I have learned to look closely when something wrong is pointed out in my paintings. Sometimes I agree and do better on the next one, sometimes I disagree and just forget about it.

I hope you stick around and enjoy the forum as much as I do.
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An art vacation? Sounds great!

I have been investigating watercolor painting, as that's what really interests me. I found something called a watercolor pencil. It looks like it's a better starting place for me. For some reason it looks a little easier to work with. The brush and water look difficult to me. What are your thoughts?
I only do acrylic and/or oil paintings so I can't advise you on any pencils or watercolor painting. Perhaps it would be a good idea to open a thread in the 'Watercolor' category and get the attention of some watercolor artists.
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