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Let me start off by saying I can't wait to start digging thru this place I'm into all sorts of trying new hobbies, And for the artistforum member Alias_216, I'm sorry n not trying to steal any names iv just been using this user name for everything and I'll be lucky if I can even remember leaving out the _ in the name.. anyway I'm just outta surgery from a car accident and have over a year of recovery time out of work and with this time I'd REALLY like to learn more about sketching. I usually pass time by drawing with just a pencil n sheet of fax paper, some times Airbrushing and painting with brushes. I just picked up some PrismaColor markers n pencils, but I just recently found out about PrismaColor blender witch I'd never seen B4 n like to learn more about. Ok my 1st question and main concern would be if you guys have any good books you'd recommend ?? Iv just picked up a few Walter Foster's Perspective, Colored Pencils and Pencil Drawing. Also Barron's Light and shadow in drawing and perspetive drawing. So far their really helpful but I didn't see any HowTo marker books at my local store if there are any helpful or must have books that you'v read yourself please let me know, any help will be gratefully. appreciated! after I get done with some of these I'd like to find out more about what paint to start playing with, not sure witch direction to go, I think Oil base is outta the question just because of my budget.... And again hello ArtistForum I can't wait to see more of the forum I'm sure there's ton's of good stuff here!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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