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Hi everyone + a question about my business name!

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Hello everyone!

just joined this forum. For the longest time I’ve been wishing there was a place I could go to talk about art, ask questions, ask opinions and get advice etc. And today I finally decided to actually look for something like that and here I am!

I’m an artist who specialises mainly in realism portraits. I do commissions and have recently began selling art prints

I haven’t looked around on this forum page much yet so I’m not sure if I’m allowed to self promote? So I won’t but I do have a question:

I’m setting up a website, launching it tomorrow. But I need a business email

I’ve been stuck between whether I should call it the name of my art
Which is AyestheticsArt
That’s kind of like my brand name?? I guess. But I was wondering whether I should make it [email protected](outlook/hotmail etc.)
Or my [email protected](outlook/hotmail etc.)
I don’t know what’s more professional. My brand name or my art name

also, with my brand name I don’t even know if it’s very good! It’s quite confusing to look at/read but I’ve used it for years, and find it more unique then just using my first name & last name to promote my art

any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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I’m setting up a website, launching it tomorrow. But I need a business email
Will you have your own domain name?

If so Id recommended that you set up an email account with your domain name.
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