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Hi everyone + a question about my business name!

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Hello everyone!

just joined this forum. For the longest time I’ve been wishing there was a place I could go to talk about art, ask questions, ask opinions and get advice etc. And today I finally decided to actually look for something like that and here I am!

I’m an artist who specialises mainly in realism portraits. I do commissions and have recently began selling art prints

I haven’t looked around on this forum page much yet so I’m not sure if I’m allowed to self promote? So I won’t but I do have a question:

I’m setting up a website, launching it tomorrow. But I need a business email

I’ve been stuck between whether I should call it the name of my art
Which is AyestheticsArt
That’s kind of like my brand name?? I guess. But I was wondering whether I should make it [email protected](outlook/hotmail etc.)
Or my [email protected](outlook/hotmail etc.)
I don’t know what’s more professional. My brand name or my art name

also, with my brand name I don’t even know if it’s very good! It’s quite confusing to look at/read but I’ve used it for years, and find it more unique then just using my first name & last name to promote my art

any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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Hello, Ayesha! Welcome to to forum. Can't wait to see some of your works.

Two great pieces of advice so far from 3Eggs and Happy Decay. Here's why:

A domain name seems more professional to many folks, especially business partners, but even the relatively low cost of a domain and associated email address can be a drain on finances. This option might best be held in reserve until the business aspect of your work can support it long term.

Because most prospective art buyers understand most artists do not drag in millions of dollars/pounds/euros for their work, a free email address with Google, Bing, or any of the others, such as, [email protected], tells clients and other businesses you may not have a lot of resources but that you ARE serious about your art and your business. Just make sure to use it exclusively for business related to your art.

The third option is to use a personal email account such as [email protected]. If you are known locally for your art, this comes across as unpretentious yet still serious about what you do. Again, use it only for art related communications.

A fourth option would be to use whatever current personal email address is in use and not be concerned about the business aspect. Create art people buy and enjoy, then look for other options.

Good luck!
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