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Brand new here, guys!

I thought I'd start by showing my website:
I used to have a custom smugmug account but couldn't customize it quite like I wanted, so built one from scratch, and would love to hear your opinions.

I also might throw in a photo. Here is an old one that I recently re-edited:

"Out of Equilibrium"

This is a photograph of Panther Beach, an amazing location near Santa Cruz, California. When you look at this photo, you can just feel the movement of the earth (or at least I can). I can hear the waves relentlessy crashing the shore and then receding. I can feel the sun rising in the sky, and smell the dew evaporating off the grass. I can even see the sandy cliffs eroding away under the combined onslaught of the wind and mist. However, one thing which this photo does not convey to me as alive is the fog bank. Therefore, I must mention that it, too, was full of life on this day. It would come to the coast, right up to my face, and then recede a few hundred yards away, and then come back again. Over and over, just like the waves but on a different time-scale. It was a truly invigorating scene, a collaboration between all of nature's elements.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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