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Hi my name is Sylvia I have graduated from University of Arts London- Chelsea College of Art and Design holding a Hons Degree in Fine Art. Also Holding HNC Diploma in Art and Design at Southampton City College. I am an art lover and creative person since a young age. Finding expression in creativity and art is my life vocation and a huge pleasure to share with people around me. I am interested in a relationships between art and philosophy, evolution, perception of a outer space and nature, native cultures, rituals and human place in the universe through the spiritual context.
Art moves constantly between thought and form, in making we are getting an overview of our subconscious as well as conscious perspective, which is equally important. Art is allowing every man to know themselves better.

I hope to learn a new things here as well as connect with a wonderful creative people. Exchanging ideas and art is always amazing.

Love and Light <3
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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