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Hey there!

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Good Morning!

I heard about this place being pretty awesome so thought I'd pop by and see what's going on.

I'm Mark Lee... I've always had an interest in art in one form or another.

Growing up I always liked drawing technical things. In particular I'd design house and room layouts for fun (my Mum was a draughtswoman so she had architects technical drawings around all the time... was I influenced? Definitely)

In art classes in school I'd never complete a piece! I was always drawing things in such technical details (I remember half a watch and half on old mansion) that I'd run out of time to complete it!

My other love of things to draw was jet fighters! I drew a huge side profile of a Grumman F14 Tomcat (on a pinched sheet of paper off my Mum) after watching Top Gun! So that was last week... hehe!

Eventually I left school and was torn between doing art or something technical like engineering. Engineering was the more "sensible" career choice and I joined the Air Force to fix Jet Planes!

My love of art was still there in the background and eventually found its way to me through Photography... I think I liked the technicality of using a camera, adjusting settings and using a tool that is so advanced fascinated me.

Scroll forward to the present! My desire for working with art and the decreased enjoyment that engineering offered led me to setting up Lexi Artistic Services. I love what I'm doing there and have many ideas to use art for many good reasons. I see various styles of art come through my hands and love appreciating each piece from my talented collaborating artists. It really does bring me so much pleasure!

I want to be able to allow others to embrace their artistic sides and have many ideas for running art classes and using art for therapy. I've recently set up an online discussion group called "coffee & art" where people can just come and talk online, but I hope to be able to set up actual discussion groups in person, (over coffee of course)

I also like coffee.

And dogs, I like dogs too.

And cats are ok...

And um... potato waffles. They're good...

Is that enough about me? Can I sit down now?

Tis nice to meet you all... hope to have some great times here!
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