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help needed!! Need advice from digital artists/critique

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Alright, so, I am absolutely frustrated with this piece I am working on. I had the sketch done, looked great, blocked out colors, looked great, but as soon as I try painting anything, it looks like a real turd.

It's like, when I'm working on it, while it's zoomed in, in looks alright. (This is really rough so far, so it doesn't exactly look like a gem either) But as soon as I zoom out, it looks like a muddy mess. This is an issue I have with every single thing I try to paint. I've tried working zoomed out, but I feel like I'm going to make a mess if I do that.

Can anyone please give me some guidance with this issue? Also, any critiques/tips on my painting would be amazing. I am not really new to digital painting, but I feel like I just can't do anything without a lineart, which I want to get away from.

I have attached a picture of the sketched face, the painted one zoomed in, and what it looks like zoomed out. Please help! I am so lost. -__-


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@meli're the only digital art person I know :biggrin: Got any ideas to help?
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