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Hello! After some clarification from an admin, I'm ready to introduce myself more properly this time.

My name is Amarin Reyny. I used to draw a lot, but had to take a bit of a break from drawing for a few years. I'm hoping to get back into drawing, though, so I can eventually make a webcomic I've wanted to make for a long time.

The reason I'm here is to ask for help with improving my drawing skills, mostly (though not exclusively) in the area of my preferred art style, which I like to call "comic book realism" - specifically, an art style involving typical elements of comic book art, like defined outlines, depiction of things only possible in speculative fiction genres like fantasy/scifi, and so on, but with attention to details like textures and realistic (or, in this case, consistent in-universe) proportions typical of more realistic art styles. If anyone knows a better term for this art style, please let me know, okay?

I also would like to ask for advice regarding overcoming certain physical limitations when it comes to the act of drawing: specifically, I have some muscle and nerve-related problems that make certain motions and hand positions difficult, and so I would like to know of alternatives to more commonly-recommended techniques when it comes to things like gesture drawing, line of action, and so on.

Thank you!
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