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So I was watching this video:
and I noticed that he was using a very cool looking brush that I wanted to use, however I couldn't find it.
These are the best pictures I have of it, and I wondering if any of you guys knew what it was:
Gesture Finger Sleeve Thumb Musical instrument

Plant Twig Font Tints and shades Wood

Any help identifying this brush would be appreciated.

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welcome to the forum, Bandy.
start with googling "Chinese Paint Brush" "Japanese Paint Brush" "Chinese Calligraphy Brush" "Japanese Calligraphy Brush". Even a cheap set from Amazon will get you started with the basic elements of the style you are looking for. The entry level brushes are synthetic and will work well. The more advanced (and expensive) are handmade bamboo calligraphy brushes.
watch YouTube videos on Asian Calligraphy and Painting" to better understand how the brush works.
Wood Office supplies Writing implement Amber Tints and shades
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