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Hello ^^ Randomly found this forum through Google; thought it would be an interesting opportunity to sign up and see some other people's work, as well as perhaps promoting my own a little bit.

I'm a student studying concept design, I appreciate all sorts of styles. I wouldn't say I have a particular style myself - I've been influenced by anime/manga a lot over the past few years, but find myself preferring a more realistic style for my work.
I enjoy using both digital and traditional media. I have a Wacom bamboo graphics tablet which I enjoy using very much :D

I always appreciate any critique or help anyone can give me! I'm always looking to improve my skills.

My most recent pieces, both digital (studies from the Dreamworks film How To Train Your Dragon) :

And some others...

I have a website:

and a Facebook page - any likes would be very much appreciated! <3

Thank you for reading ^^ ! I look forwards to finding inspiration from others amazing work!​

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Very nice work, you have obvious talent!

If you're interested in other techniques, check out this new youtube channel that teaches how to draw using your ipad/Android tablet and Sketchbook Pro app. He uses many styles and subjects to teach.

The channel also discusses styluses, different drawing apps, various tablets, and more!

He responds to all comments and questions, too!

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