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Hello everyone.

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Hello everyone.

Even though I'm not an artist I enjoy drawing and doodling.
Well... mostly doodling. But when I'm focused on the contact point between my
pen and the corner of the paper, I couldn't be happier.
I'm pretty you guys know the feeling better than I do.
What I'm trying to say is I like drawing.
Glad to be here :)
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Welcome to Artist Forum, m3shin!

Doodling is a valid, full-fledged artform and arguably, one of the earliest ones. If a doodle completely lacks any repetition, we can consider it an abstract; with repetition or some kind of sequential structure, it can be classified as a pattern, most popular in graphic design, especially the textile industry.

Without the rigidity of a definitive, representational form, doodles can often express something intangible, primal and universally unique to each viewer that other artforms may fall short in.
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