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Hello everyone. I am new to painting. Im a very artistic type of person. i play several musical instruments. However, I find myself needing a new and different hobby. As a child i looked up to my Grandfather, he was a wonderful man, he tought me how to do wood carvings and build things and even make furniture. I have always been able to creat things,that's why I have also decided to start painting. I have chosen a very popular form of oil painting. The wet on wet style. I grew up watching Bob Ross as a child and still enjoy watching his shows. As most people know his shows are not on the air anymore. So I found myself searching for them on line, and I found a few of them but its not enough. I saw a show where he used black gesso. I know that gesso is used to coat the canvas. What I do not understand is, what is the effect and how to use it? If anyone could please give me some answers of help locate the info on line please let me know. Thank you and have a wonderful day.
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