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Guidance needed(Painting after 11 Years)

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I have started painting after a long time.I am attaching my Art along with the reference picture but get it along.The reference picture is just from google which I tried.The problem is I have totally lost my perfection and sense.Can't get along.Hoping for some shading ideas to finish this.


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I agree with the rest that the painting looks amazing as is. However, if you want it to be more like the reference image - which is what I assume based on your explanation - then all I can say is that maybe warmer tones can help you. The light in the reference picture is very warm, very yellow, while in your painting it's still very sunny, but more of a cold light.
This isn't a bad thing, but if you're looking to make the two look more alike, that's what I would work on.
Another thing could maybe be the fact that the photograph has stronger contrast; the dark patches are almost black. In your painting the darker parts are only around the edges and the middle is a lot lighter. This works well for creating depth and a vignette-like effect, but again, if that's not what you are after then contrast could also be a thing to look at.
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